It is common ground to say that art can not be taught .. it is probably true for what concerns talent but I believe that anything can be transmitted with simplicity, assimilated, understood, applied and then, in creative disciplines, aptitude and personal genius will do the rest. If I think about an artistic discipline, I believe that the task of an educator is to convey in the best way the information in his possession in order to contribute to the intellectual and technical growth of his learner ... I mean, to contribute to his learning about ways of DOING in relation to THINKING what gives sense to that act.


I have taught stage and costume design for over ten years at the SantaGiulia Academy of Art in Brescia. And at that time I developed a functional course for learning these disciplines. During the same period, I coordinated about sixty projects outside the institute that involved students in productions on national and international level.


In the same Academy I held the visual art workshop in the School of Painting in which I elaborated some criterions of approach to visual art starting from the concept of expressive languages contamination and the development of perception and relationship as fundamental elements of the Human coexistence.


During his artistic activity he has conducted or collaborated with several contemporary theater, music and dance laboratories for various private Associations, Universities and Art Academies.