THE SCENOGRAPHER international magazine

publishes a monograph dedicated to Domenico Franchi set and costume designer

In January 2020 THE SCENOGRAPHER International Magazine published a monographic issue on the work of Domenico Franchi set and costume designer.

It is a suggestive overview of the theatrical activity of the Italian scenographer active in many national and international theaters, a focus on over thirty projects carried out in twenty-five years of intense work. the introduction bears the signature of professor Paolo Sacchini, critic and historian of contemporary art. But the publication also proposes a series of unpublished interventions signed by artists and close collaborators of Franchi: Giorgio Madia (director and choreographer), Stefano Mazzanti (light designer), Paolo Bosisio (director, theater historian), Giulia Gussago (choreographer), Francesco Peri (writer and librettist), Antonio Calenda (director), Francisco Negrin (director and creative director), Barbara di Lieto (director), Ignacio Garcia (director and artistic director), Luigi Piccolo (owner of the historic Sartoria Farani), Paco Azorin (director and set designer).

Each individual project is introduced by a text written specifically for The Scenographer in which Franchi describes the creative process that led to the elaboration of the aesthetic idea, a valuable in-depth tool for students, professionals and enthusiasts that highlights a design phase little known by the general public but essential for the construction on the stage of a coherent visual universe that keeps concept, form and scenic action in perfect balance.

The texts are in English and Italian, you can find the publication in digital or paper version at this link:


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